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Get a $50 Discount PlayStation 5 Bundle with God of War Ragnarök

Shop the limited-time PlayStation 5 deal and grab the latest console now but read the short review before buying it.

The PlayStation 5 debuted in November 2020 and quickly gained popularity among gamers due to its sleek and future vise design, powerful performance, and unique games.

Its rapid rise to popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic, though, meant one thing: the PlayStation 5 was constantly out of stock as supply chain issues prevented Sony from keeping up with ever-increasing demand.

Now, you can finally find the PlayStation 5 in stock, and what’s more, you can even get one on sale now.

The God of War Ragnarok Bundle is currently on sale for $509 on Amazon, from its original price of $559.99.

While this may not sound like much of a discount, it’s one of the only good value best playstation 5 deals out there.

Features And Details

playstation 5 deals for god of war game
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  • Embark on an epic and emotional journey alongside Kratos and Atreus with the PlayStation 5 Controller – God of War Ragnarök Pack. Memory storage capacity: 512 MB
  • ps5 Bundle Includes: PlayStation 5 Controller, DualSense Wireless Controller, Dock, HDMI Cable, AC Power Cord, USB Cable, God of War Ragnarok Full Game Coupon
  • DualSense Wireless Controller Integration: Feel your journey through the Scandinavian realms, made possible by immersive haptic feedback and Adaptive Play.
  • Stunning Visuals: Enjoy the beautiful worlds you travel through, brought to life through stunning art direction and mesmerizing attention to detail.

See improved reflections, lighting, and shadows, plus increased geometric detail and improved deformable snow.

  • Fully Enhanced for 3D Audio: Immerse yourself in the unique soundscapes of the nine worlds as sounds resonate and reverberate throughout the environment.

Use highly accurate spatial audio to hear enemies approaching from any direction, even above and below you.

3D sound with stereo headphones (analog or USB). Now you can find the best price for the playstation 5 – god of war on the playstation sale.

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Regular disc-compatible PlayStation watches are around $499.99, so you’re basically getting a whole new game for just $10 more.

This is also the only decent PlayStation deal right now, so grab it soon before the price goes up again.

This disc compatible PlayStation controller supports up to 120 frames per second and 120Hz output for 4K displays.

This means that you will never miss a beat while playing the game. It also features Ray Tracing which will create realistic visuals for an immersive gaming experience.

The included Dual Sense wireless controller provides haptic feedback and facility adaptive triggers so you can recieve tactile feedback from your favorite games.

The console itself is also backwards compatible, which means you can play any PlayStation game you already own, saving you from having to start all over your game library.

As for God of War Ragnarok, it is one of the highest rated adventure games on the market.

It was released only last November and won several awards for its visuals and storytelling.

You’ll need to buy the PlayStation 5 God of War Ragnarök bundle now at its discounted price before stocks run out, or the price will go back up.

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Amazon has plenty of deals on games like Hogwarts Legacy, which is currently $49.95 (originally $53.95).

Other PlayStation 5 games on sale include Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, discounted to $49.99 (originally $43.40) and NBA 2K23, discounted to $24.99 (originally $39.99).

Remember Price goes up and down during sale. These are the best playstation 5 games 2023.


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