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Finally On Sale: Best Nintendo Switch OLED Bundles & Deals To Buy Right Now

Here’s where to find the new Nintendo Switch OLED deals and bundles in stock at the lowest sale price.

The Nintendo Switch console gained huge popularity during the first wave of the pandemic when many of us retreated to The Legend of Zelda or practically moved to a remote island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The Japanese company also recently launched its third Nintendo Switch console, the Nintendo Switch OLED Controller, which quickly sold out in stores nationwide.

Right now it’s still difficult to get a Nintendo Switch OLED console in retail stores, but to make things easier for you, we’ve found out where this new Nintendo console is still available, and even on sale.

We’ve scoured the best Nintendo Switch deals, including deals on original Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

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Where Can You Find Nintendo Switch OLED In Stock?

Nintendo Switch OLED is currently available at major retailers like Amazon and Target.

You can also buy the console on Amazon through third-party sellers here, but your best bet is to buy it from the official Amazon Nintendo store here.

You’re in luck, too, because the Nintendo Switch OLED is finally on sale, now for $349.99 (originally $359.99).

This may not sound like much of a discount, but it’s the first time we’ve seen this console on sale.

You can also buy a Nintendo Switch OLED console from GameStop in blue/red and white versions.

Currently, some Nintendo Switch OLED colors are also available at Best Buy. You’ll need to act quickly, though: if you have a Nintendo Switch OLED console in stock, get one quickly, as they have a reputation for selling out quickly.

Currently, you can also buy Nintendo Switch OLED at third-party retailers, including Walmart.

If you’re looking for a bundle and can pay more, purchase the Nintendo Switch OLED Bundle with Carrying Case, Headphones, and Mario Party at HSN.

List of Some Nintendo Switch OLED Bundle Deals

We’ve also listed some Nintendo Switch OLED bundle deals below, so keep reading to find out more.

Where Can You Find Nintendo Switch And Nintendo Switch Lite Available?

Nintendo Switch consoles, including the Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Limited Edition option, are available on Amazon.

You can also buy the Nintendo Switch Lite console in different colors on Amazon.

Nintendo Switch consoles are available at other retailers like Target and Walmart.

What Are The Best Nintendo Switch Deals?

You can now shop many Nintendo Switch OLED bundle deals at Amazon, including the Nintendo Switch OLED Bundle with mario kart 8 available for just 3 month membership.

Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Bundle

You can watch in this short video how many ways you can use Nintendo Switch OLED

With this bundle, you get the console, and a host of accessories including a screen protector, game organizer, wipes, and guide stickers.

If you buy a separate game, like Mario + Rabbids with a bundle less price, you can get the same deal for a little less.

You can also get plenty of Nintendo Switch games on sale, like NBA 2K23, down from $59.99 to just $27, saving you 55%.

Other Nintendo Switch game deals include Carnival games for just $14.99 (originally $39.99).

At Walmart, you can buy a Nintendo Switch Lite bundle with several accessories including a carrying case, glass screen protector, and wipes for $309.

Although these Nintendo Switch deals may not seem like much, they are worth it because we never expect to see deals on Nintendo Switch Lite again.

What is The Difference Between Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED?

Finally On Sale: Best Nintendo Switch OLED Bundles & Deals To Buy Right Now

Nintendo Switch was the first console released by Nintendo and was designed as a 2-in-1 gaming console that could be plugged into your TV or used as a handheld device, depending on your preference.

By comparison, the Switch Lite is just a handheld gaming console, meaning it can’t connect to your TV.

Switch OLED is the latest Nintendo Switch console to feature an improved OLED display for brighter, clearer images.

Like the original Nintendo Switch, the Switch OLED can be used as a handheld device or connected to your TV like a regular game console.


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