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Meta Quest 3 VR Headset And Accessories Pre-order Hot Deals

Meta has officially revealed the upcoming Quest headset and accessories and you can now pre-order it with a great offer. But Meta Quest 3 review before buying.

Free Game Offers and Meta Quest Plus

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At its Connect event on Wednesday, Meta unveiled the next generation of its Quest headset: the Meta Quest 3.

Review Mobile Point’s Scott Stein already has his hands on the Meta Quest 3 release date of 10 October and eyes on the device, and you can now place your pre-order for the Meta Quest 3.

Below we’ve rounded up the best Meta Quest 3 launch deals so you can be one of the first to get your hands on one when the console starts shipping on October 10th.

Meta Quest 3 Review

All Meta Quest 3 pre-orders come with Wrath of Asgard, which is set for release in winter 2023. Meanwhile, the 512GB model also comes with a 6-month Meta Quest+ subscription, which grants access to 2 games every month.

Unlike the previous Meta Quest 2, the Quest 3 adopts virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality experiences similar to Apple’s Vision Pro and last year’s Quest Pro.

Quest 3 price is significantly lower than both devices, which start at $500.

Other improvements over its predecessor include a new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor, great graphics, a higher resolution display, and better drivers.

We’ll continue to monitor Meta Quest 3 deals and discounts as we get closer to the console’s launch, though you can snag some great freebies during this pre-order window.

A range of Meta Quest 3 accessories will also be released with the new headset, including a carrying case, Elite Head Straps and controller stabilizers for a more secure fit, and silicone face pad replacements in multiple color options.

Best Meta Quest 3 And All These Accessories Pre-order Hot Deals

Pre-order Meta Quest 3 Specs $500- $650

The Meta Quest 3 is powered by a second-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset and 8GB of RAM, Amazon has now opened pre-orders for Meta Quest 3 and is offering the mixed reality headset along with a free copy of Asgard’s Wrath 2 at launch.

This is a $60 game that comes free with 128GB devices.

Choose the 512GB version and you’ll also get a six-month free trial of Meta Quest Plus.

Its LCD screen has a 120Hz refresh rate and 2064 x 2208 per eye resolution, and stereo speakers provide 3D spatial audio.

For mixed reality, the Quest 3 has a pair of RGB cameras with 18 PPD (pixels per degree) offering twice the pass-through resolution of the Quest Pro (10 times sharper than the Quest 2).

It also has a lightweight design that is about 40% thinner than the Quest 2, according to Meta.

The Quest 3 provides a pair of new Touch Plus controllers that feature TrueTouch haptic feedback and hand-tracking support out of the box. The headphones support Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 connections.

Meta Quest 3 Carrying Case $70

Meta Quest 3 Carrying Case

The Meta Quest 3 Carrying Case is large enough to hold all the other parts of your setup, including the Quest 3 headset, Touch Plus controller, charging cable, and optional Elite Strap.

The case has a gray felt cover, a snag-free zipper, and internal plastic compartments that open for each cable and accessory. This case comes with a 1-year warranty.

Meta Quest 3 Elite Belt

Meta Quest 3 Elite Belt

The Quest 3 Elite Strap Accessory is a compact, lightweight replacement strap with a silicone holder that helps distribute pressure evenly and can be quickly repositioned using its adjustment dial.

The Meta 3 Elite strip starts at $70, and there’s a $120 version that includes a built-in battery that can add two additional hours of playtime.

You can pre-order the Elite Strap at Amazon and Best Buy for $70, while pre-orders for the Elite Strap with battery are at Amazon and Best Buy for $120.

Meta Quest 3 Silicone Face Interface

Meta Quest 3 Silicone Face Interface

The Meta Quest 3 silicone face interface consists of silicone pads that insert into the front of the headset. The silicone material is sweat and dust-resistant, making the cushion easy to clean after long, sweaty gaming sessions.

They also mold to the shape of your face, providing a more comfortable fit and blocking out outside light for a more immersive experience.

You can pre-order the standard gray silicone face shield for $40 on Amazon. An orange version for $50 includes a matching replacement that you can replace the head strap with is also available on Amazon, and a $50 blue version is also available at Amazon and Best Buy.

Meta Quest 3 Active Straps for Touch Plus controllers

Meta Quest 3 Active Straps for Touch Plus controllers

These $40 knuckle straps add to the Touch Plus controllers that come with a standard in all Meta Quest 3 models, making them more secure and enjoyable.

The straps are adjustable and made of breathable nylon.

You can pre-order the Meta Quest Active Straps on Amazon and Best Buy for $40.

Like other Quest devices, the Quest 3 is a wireless VR (virtual reality) headset that runs all your games and apps directly on the headset, meaning you don’t need to connect it to a PC or gaming console to play.

This also means that compatibility and gaming performance depend on the headset’s internal hardware, but based on the specifications, the Quest 3 appears to be a significant improvement over previous iterations, with stronger specifications and a lighter, thinner design.

Which can make it more comfortable. Gaming experience. Virtual reality experience.

With over 500 games and experiences already present on the Quest platform, there will be many to play at launch.

The upcoming launch of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Quest 3 will also significantly expand the library of playable games.

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