which is best music app to download - comparison in best apps for indian music

best music app to download

Best music app to download

We all have a lot of confusion, which has more characteristics, what is Best music app to download. what is and what is not. Which comes with great quality, some have new features in india music app and we don't even know that this is better now. I will do one thing in detail Comparison per category so you can understand very easily. If someone wants to buy something, buy without a doubt because here I will give you my opinion. Best music app to download

Who does not like music? You will like it more and it will be transmitted through something. Now the download time is over, before it was used to fill the memory cards, but now that is not the era, now is our time. Now new tools and options have emerged such as Spotify, Saavn, Youtube music, Amazon music these are best music app india. This is the biggest big application.

What is Collection of good songs of best music streaming platform -   

The Sawan 

First, if there are no high quality songs, what are the benefits of this application? what is music streaming applications?

A collection of good songs is also found on Amazon Music (amazon prime music app) and YouTube Music, but a slightly better collection of songs in English is found on Spotify. But there is a problem in India that some artists are not available on Spotify, therefore, many brands for Spotify will be cut in the collection.

Collection Marks is - Spotify - 4
                                     Amazon Music - 4.1
                                     Jio Sawan - 4.5
                                     YouTube Music - 4.3

Jio Sawan is surprisingly on top, not only in Hindi songs but also in the case of English songs. This is for the Indian version, but there is a lot of Better Collection in Spotify for the external version, compared to YouTube and Amazon. This is in my personal opinion.

Sound quality test -

Sound quality Some people will like YouTube and Spotify others. It is not so soft, but it is charpiness and pays, it is amplified quite well, some people will like it and others will not. Because it is less natural and some people like the natural. But there is enough quality. 

The quality in Amazon Music is good, not too strong and decent, it is a little stronger than Spotify. 

But the audio is Sawan's best, the overwhelming thing is in this, like a bite with a rhythm or a thin voice that sounds too good to hear. But if you listen to a song with an instrument, it won't be so fun. This means that it is the best for Indian songs, not the best in quality but the best at the loudest.

The Score is-  Spotify - 4.5
                        YouTube - 4.5
                        Amazon Music - 4
                        Sawan - 4.2 

      So Spotify and youtube are the same in the sound department because youtube is a bit noisy but          the quality is equal to both.
Amazon Music is the average. And the sawing is a bit noisy. (Called honest prime music review)

Best music app to download

Feature test-

Now talk about the function. Many people like the different functions, in each application, I will try to count a little.

Spotify is as if you were using 3-4 phones and you are using it on the Mac, then everyone connects if you want to transfer, then the meaning that you are playing is playing on the other, then it becomes possible. , Or connect with a device, or connect with an application like Facebook or with many more dating applications.

       YouTube music is also something new, it doesn't have many integration features, but it has one           feature that you won't be able to see in anyone else and I don't think anyone else can come in the         future.

 And that is video, there are many people who like to watch videos while listening to songs, and in the YouTube application, both video and audio are available together but not in the free version.

 This is the feature that has significantly increased YouTube’s feature rating. But perhaps with the update, youtube can improve the function because Amazon first arrived in a very useless quality, but it continued adding functions and improving and became quite good.

 And tell Amazon music, how Amazon voice content connects and there is a good feature. Like how to get amazon prime music in amazon music or amazon prime music india , The Sawan, which is a characteristic with a 1-2 jio rating, does not have a prominent highlight.

The Score is-  Spotify- 4.7
                        YouTube- 4.4
                         Amazon- 4.5
                         Savan- 4

       And now let's talk that if you want to find new songs, you want to be up to date with new songs,         definitely read these tests.

Suggestion test-

Spotify is quite refined over a period of time, which means that the person giving suggestions also gives you a lot of strength. YouTube Music and Spotify are at the top right now. YouTube music is brand new, but they have all the data with YouTube, they synchronize the Google account.

So I also liked the suggestion that comes with YouTube music. Personally, I thought YouTube was a little sweeter, I don't know why. But Spotify is also very good. 

When I did an opinion poll in my group, half of the people said Spotify is better and half of the people told YouTube. Honestly, Spotify and YouTube are the best in terms of suggestion.

In terms of suggestion, I didn't like Sawan because you have to search for songs. But Amazon's music is also good because radio content or prime music library is good. this is review of amazon music.

The Score is -  Spotify- 4.8
                         Youtube- 4.7
                         Amazon music- 4.6
                         Jio sawan- 3.5

So these all are what is the best music streaming app. So I told you mixing everything free and premiums. But in the free app, I feel that something like the Sawan was slightly below in front of Spotify, YouTube, Amazon.

 And if you go to premium cheapest music streaming service, I think YouTube Music and Spotify are very strong. Because I have been using YouTube Music for a long time and it is improving quite well over time. and also you can search how to play telugu songs on alexa

That is top music streaming music app in my review and personal opinion. If you have it useful, share this article with music lovers; It doesn't sell you anything by sharing, but you will definitely receive help, which is necessary for this information.

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