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23% discount on laptop for apple bloggers and blogs. We have brought for you the great features Apple laptop(Apple MacBook Air Core i5 5th Gen/8 GB/128 GB SSD). What should be the characteristics of a blogger laptop that proves worthwhile for a blogger or commercial user? Next, we will tell you all the details one by one so that, if you are going to bring a laptop for blogging, your money will not be wasted and you will not have to repent later.

How to buy laptops in 2019 and What type of laptop do i have

So first, question come to what laptop am i using? I have used two laptops and have taken suggestions from my friends who use their laptops blog for. And all the people who use their laptop, make videos on YouTube and do blogs on laptops and after listening to all those people.

I have prepared a suggestion according to which they will take the laptop in 2019 for blogging computer.

Then, friend, it will definitely benefit you. Or if you go against it, you may have to cry later for this laptop, so before spending your money, read this article completely to get the service for the money you are spending.

It depends on the purpose that you are buying a laptop, if you want to watch many videos, movies or the network, you can buy any laptop that comes between 20,000 and 25,000, but this article is for them.

No, it is only for those who wish to have a working laptop and will work even more. You will configure that laptop, which will work later, whether on blogs or YouTube, or on video editing. Whatever you will learn later, this is my most perfect suggestion for them. and I going to tell you what is best laptop for programming in india. Then let's start.

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First, we will proceed one by one what is best device for blogging then the first thing that matters is RAM.

Currently, up to 20,000 - 30,000 laptops, the RAM used in almost all laptops is 4 GB. This is the first thing you should take care of. If you are buying a laptop, try to keep at least 4 GB of RAM minimum.

Because you can see that 4 GB of RAM are coming to the mobile today, now it is a PC, if you talk about each software, it approaches 1 GB, if you install the photo it will also approach 1 GB, now leave the adobe and Let's talk about Google Chrome.

It slowly takes about 500 MB, so if your RAM is 8 GB, it becomes a balance, yes, your laptop will run smoothly. All software will. You want to install what you can. 8GB is best chromebook for blogging.

Now let's talk about memory what makes a good laptop for apple bloggers 

Many people understand in case of memory, 1 TB of memory is coming, that is, a 1 terabyte hard drive is coming and this is enough for us, but friends always try to do anything Buy the same computer laptop that has the portable SSD.

I will tell you what the problem will be later, I open this new laptop at this time, even if it is in selfie mode or in any mode, it takes between 10 and 30 seconds to open, but I have an old laptop that takes approximately 5 minutes to open. After a new laptop becomes old, the opening becomes slow.

Because the software that Windows installs is on your hard drive, on drive C, now this section is now your SSD, then open the old laptop to it speed. It is happening, your Windows is running. It will work faster than that when your laptop has SSD. If it is 128gb or not, it is 256gb. dose not matter How many GB are there.

Today, you see that the Apple laptop comes as MacBook, that laptop doesn't have a hard drive. All those are SSD.
Why this is probably what you would have known. So, every time you buy a laptop, always remember 8 GB of RAM and SSD so your laptop can run smoothly.

Next come to Processor

The processor comes in many types, either AMD or Intel. But currently, Intel is more popular at that time. They all come with an average laptop, either 20,000 or 30,000. On all laptops, you get an approximate i3 processor. That also works well, but if you have a budget.

I would recommend that you have a new generation i5 processor. Now, i7 has also arrived, so i5 is done. The i3 processor is a very old processor, its next generation has come out.

If you go with this competition that I am talking about 4 GB and SSD, then i5 is very important for this.

Then comes the graphics card.

Regardless of the amount of things you will see in today's time, no matter what the movie is, almost 90% of VFX is used in all movies, and that is why I say that today the VFX era is the 3D model , ie graphic. It's from the graphics card.

So, if you don't have a graphics card in your laptop, then it is still a deficiency, for today's weather in your laptop. As you can see how popular the pubg game is becoming, but you can't play the pubg game on an old laptop. The only reason is that it has no graphics card.

If you have a graphics card, then you can also edit photos very well.You will find that high-quality video editing and videos can also be played and games can also be played without problems.

Graphics cards will be very beneficial for you if you take a graphics card of at least 2 GB.

Should be Lightweight like apple bloggers

And what I want to tell you, in the end, is that you keep your laptop light.
Many laptops are very thick and their size is 2 kg to 2 kg and a half. If you keep your laptop above 1 kg and keep it below 2 kg, then it is better to buy a laptop.

Many people take laptops because the desktop computer will be very good at the price at which the laptops will be purchased, but many people believe that we don't have to keep the laptops in one place, make collage and work outside so we can keep a Good job, let's take a laptop.

But after taking the laptop it cannot be taken together. Laptop weight is the only and only reason. If you carry a lightweight laptop, you can easily carry it, but when your laptop is too heavy, you will hesitate to carry it, if you keep it in your bag, you will feel pain in your shoulder.

Therefore, I will strongly recommend that the more you take a lightweight laptop, the better it will be for you.
So all are surface laptop blog..

Why should i buy an apple bloggers laptop

All bloggers or YouTubers here, because apple laptop commercial use also. I would like to recommend them especially if you have a small budget, then definitely take this laptop. And this laptop is a macbook. I am talking about MacBook. Every apple bloggers professional favorite laptop brand, many people here will say it is very expensive, but I will tell you that MacBook is one of the Windows killers. A MacBook can easily kill Windows. best computer for travel blogging.

Not only for the expensive price and the Apple logo, but for the performance they get is a commendable compliment that they can easily kill. you can call social laptop.

My final recommendation

What laptop should you carry? If you want to buy a laptop once in your life or if you have to work,  My friend, this laptop will be one of the best laptops for you. Definitely apple bloggers laptop should buy.

Do you find this price useful? Yes, or No. Tell me in the comment box below? And don't forget to share.
Thank for reading at the End...

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