latest realme 3 pro review with user experience

latest realme 3 pro review with user experience

There will be many of those questions in your mind. Here I will give you a complete preview. I'll tell you Pro and cons. What is a good thing, what bad things? After seeing that you will get the idea that you should take this phone or not.

The first thing to talk about, Oppo's flagship company, Realme, is telling you about the mid-range Realme 3 Pro smartphone released this year. You can buy this smartphone at an initial price of Rs 13,999. How is the camera? Does the phone turn on and warm the program while playing a game? How long is the full charge? How is the phone's backup battery? How is the screen? Is this value money? Is this phone correct?

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Let's start with the real screen 3 pro

  • Screen - 6. 3 inches fhd +
                         IPS PANEL
                         19.5: 9
                         Crystal Gorilla 5 PROTECTION

If I give Realme 3 pro review about the camera, you will not be disappointed by this camera. Its color is quite bright, even on the screen is enough. Here you also get the support of the Vitamin Almun certification. In direct sunlight or on the outside screen, the screen is bright enough even in direct sunlight or outdoors. Talking about bazels can be seen very little, but it does.
  • Camera- 
         16 + 5 MP Dual Rear Cameras
         25 MP Front Camera

If you look at the screen saver, which is shown on the front, I have been using this phone for more than a week. If you analyze it, I recommend that you remove the screen and do it in tempord glass. Take the glass definitely, although the Gorilla Glass is definitely given, take the tempord glass for safety.

My personal opinion about the visualization:
 if we look at the general visualization here, which is the reproduction of the color that is seen to see the angle of the wing that is the brightness, as it is used outdoors, it is incredible.

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Now let's talk about the subsequent design of this phone

 which has given a polycarbonate design that comes with a great appearance, the phone is a bit slippery. If I can speak, here it can be composed of only one thing, it is a design that is made of polycarbonate, so you can adhere a large amount of dust to your phone. But the fingerprints also come here very quickly, which is the back side bar. You will have to clean the cloth, so I will recommend it here. If you take the real phone me 3 pro, you should do the back cover.
  • Design- polycarbonate

Now let's talk about headphones with speakerphone and call quality.

If it's good to see the speaker and the sound is loud. If you talk about this phone and this headset, here I used 2-3 headsets and I want to say that the sound is quite good. It is good that you do not complain about the quality of the call and that you talk about the network. This phone is good enough to talk on the phone while talking on the good network. Everything is very good. The dedicated SD card has been loaded.

In a non-formal way any notification is not given to the light. This is a small article that mostly ignores the brand, but it is very important for the customer. I think the brand has all these things. It should be noted that if there was a notification light here, it would have been great.

If we talk about blocking of face pin and fingerprint, you really have many impressions. It's fast enough, you can not complain at all. You will not be disappointed at all,

If in general, I speak of the quality of display and billing, everything is fine. And if you talk about design, then the design is good. The bill that is fine here will give you a lot of commitment. You have to do it, you have been given Polycarbonate.

Now enter the camera of this phone because of Real Me 3 Pro, which is getting photos of you, the pictures inside and outside are awesome. This photo is really amazing. This photo is taken from this camera, which is amazing to see the detail. Your photo also covers the background very well, if you take pictures in the dark, here is the option of night reservation. As soon as this mode is activated, the photo becomes good in the dark and also goes to the next level.

If I speak honestly about the camera, then it is super fabulous and outstanding, at this price you are getting the camera from this label, which is truly appreciated, if I have to give range to this camera, so let's get 9.5

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Let's move on to video recording.

Then, with this video, you can record up to 720p and 180p and 4k up to 30fbs and 60fbs, you can even record videos in slow motion even FB and 120fbs aur 960fbs and yes here. You can also see the support of a large amount of EIS. Your auto-focus is also very good. I think he records very good video that he is coloring here. This camera captures very well. So on the side of the selfie camera of this phone, which has a selfie camera, it is very nice. On the flash screen, the photo clicks very well. This selfie is very good at this price.
  • So now they see most of the phone. The processor is -

        - SD 710
        - which is OCTA CORE 2.2GHZ and speaks to GPU 616, is very good and offers an           incredible gaming experience.
        - The score is 154452, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of STORAGE.

Then the question arises now that there is some kind of LAG in the game or that there is a heating problem?

So I want to tell you that in this phone I play pubg and many more games for quite some time, I didn't see any delay in this phone. The game worked without problems, so if I had some kind of overheating I could not see it. I played the game two or three times, after verifying its warming problem, after several hours of play, there is normal heat on all phones.
  • Now, come on, the charging speed of this phone and the battery You have been given 

       - 4045mh
       - which come with 20W VOOC 3.0 Fast charging
 The charging is impressive.

In the 20 to 25 minutes, your mobile is charged at 45 percent if the battery is zero to 90 percent of the charge in approximately 1 hour. The 100% load may take a few minutes. But after playing the game for a long time, I have seen a battery consumption of 11 to 12% and 30 minutes of games played from 10 to 11% of battery use. But here I want to say that games of 3 to 4 hours can play comfortably.

Here I have a lot of printing with the backup battery and charging speed. I am
I'm quite impressed with this backup battery. After loading a manual load, half a day will be comfortable. Now, what I have done here, to check this phone to check the backup battery, I play three times four times. Take a video of the photo, even if I listened to Continue Music on YouTube for 3 to 4 hours, the phone was still comfortable

The next day I played a fierce game. Easy half day was gone. If you are heavy gamer, you search on YouTube. Once you charge a handy phone, despite heavy heavy games, the battery can be operated comfortably one day. Thanks to its backup battery and its charging speed.

 it is now the operating system of the phone, that is, in the operating system, this phone has been granted Color OAS 6, which is the basis of Android 9 here. I have optimized the OAS in Color, yes this action Open an application, it goes well.
  • Storage- 

       Internal Storage64GB
       Card Slot Capacity

If I talk about sensor, then I see a lot of impact sensor.

Pro-                                                                                                            Cons-
  • Value for money                                                                                        Slippery design
  • camera powerful                                                                                        Print fingers on back side
  • Good display                                                                                              Scrach comes fast 
  • Fast charging                                                                                             None so far                                                              
Here is also some Amazon user exepriance- 

 then it was true a complete Real Me 3 Pro review with user experience, since we all know that no phone is perfect.If you are looking for a phone that is looking for a great backup battery, if you want a fast charge, then I will definitely make Real Me 3 Pro very high quality, it is a good device to get some good things. Look award.......Give your rating on this phone on comment box.

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