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Chinese company smartphone maker Xiaomi is already the country's number 1 smartphone manufacturer. Redmi 6A and Redmi Note 6 Pro, launched by the company in the Indian market, have played an important role in bringing this success to Xiaomi.

Xiaomi M1903C3GG Review

But now the news is that the company is preparing to launch another cheap phone in the Indian market. Now the company is working on plans to launch cheaper smartphones to target customers using feature phones.

Can be launched soon:-

the news is that the company's new smartphone will be equipped with the Andriod Go operating system. The position of this phone will be below Xiaomi cheapest phone, Redmi 6A, now its price is 5,999 rupees. If Xiaomi is launched cheaper than the phone, then it can become the best-selling phone in the Indian market. A leaked report about Xiaomi Android Go has claimed that the company is about to launch this phone soon.
The marketing name of the phone will be M1903C3GG model  The report hopes to launch new phones in the company market in the first week of the new year. Even before this, the company has launched Redmi 7, Redmi 7 Pro and Redmi 7A at the beginning of the year. Seeing all this, the hope is also increased that the company can launch another new phone in the new year and start exploding. The name of the new phone will be Radmi Go and its marketing name will be the M1903C3GG model. This will be the phone with an entry level segment of Xiaomi.

Specification of Android Go:-

Android Go or Xiaomi Redmi Go will be light in terms of hardware specification. Some apps will be installed in the past and it will run on Android 9 (Pie) Go Edition. The phone will be equipped with a dual SIM slot and will have 1 GB RAM and Bluetooth 4.2. Redmi Go is expected to come with 8 GB and 16 GB of internal storage. Smartphone's screen size will be less than 6 inches. The reports are being claimed that there will be a single camera in the back and front of the phone.

Price of Android Go:-

Xiaomi product is already preferred in the Indian market for budget smartphone. Right now, the cheapest smartphone in the Indian market of Xiaomi is the Redmi 6A, available in Rs 5,999. According to a news published in INDIA TODAY, the price of new phones can be close to Rs. 3000.

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