The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is here and indeed, it looks fundamentally the same as the more established Note 8. As I wrote in my initial introductions and in the camera examination, in any case, there is a trace of progress in the new Galaxy Note 9. In the wake of utilizing it for seven days, I need to presume that it is never again the efficiency gadget that is gone for representatives in suits, or the imaginative sorts who evidently can't quit portraying. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung is presently looking past the Note and all the more imperatively, is kind of setting the phase for better things to come, a phase for an altogether new sort of Note. On the off chance that you are pondering what that is, think collapsing tablets, which could touch base when one year from now.
The new Note 9 includes a greater show, a more extensive impression, a greater battery, double speakers and a more quick witted S Pen. It packs in the most recent chipset from Samsung and even accompanies an incredible 512 GB of interior stockpiling that can be extended to 1 TB. There's additionally an attention on keeping the cell phone cool while gaming. So indeed, the Samsung Note 9 not just obliges control clients and cell phone camera lovers, yet out of the blue, additionally accompanies gloating rights that will pull in versatile gamers. What's more, this is the reason the current year's Note is so extraordinary, regardless of sharing the old Note's outline. On the off chance that you fall into both of those classifications, there's nothing out there that can beat the Note 9.

Build and Design: 8/10

While everybody's fuming about how comparative the Note 9 looks when contrasted with the Note 8, they are sufficiently distinctive.

The new Note 9 feels more extensive when you hold it in one hand and is additionally heavier at a heavy 201 grams (that is 49 grams from a quarter kilo). While the gadget currently accompanies a matte complete, which feels grippier than the past model, it's not as adjusted as the Note 8 around the corners yet more blocky, with more honed edges that are more reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 5.

In spite of its weight, it feels strong and the complete of the gadget is first rate, one that fits well into the premium cell phone territory. Where it doesn't precisely fit well is in your pants stash. I'm around 5' 7" tall and the telephone nearly peeps out of my consistent straight fit pants. Put on your more tightly pants and everybody will recognize what you're pressing. The Note 9's enormous and thick impression makes it appropriate for bearing in a suit stash or free pants.

Unusually, the Note 9 really feels expansive, clumsy and now and again irritating, and I believe this is a direct result of those corners, which are not as adjusted as on the Galaxy S9. This was an issue even with the Note 8.

It's certainly a two-gave gadget and you hazard dropping it when utilizing it with one hand, regardless of whether you are putting calls or notwithstanding reacting to messages. Samsung knows that the Note's size is overpowering and like dependably, has incorporated a one-gave mode that gives you a chance to swipe over the show corner to corner (or press down on the Home catch thrice) to resize the substance for littler hands. The main issue is that I have to enact this mode each time I open the gadget.

Utilizing the similarly monstrous iPhone 8 Plus as my every day driver for a considerable length of time, I was shockingly ready to type better on the iPhone with one hand. I understood that everything comes down to the weight and the thickness of the iPhone, which gives you the certainty (read "boldness") to utilize it with one hand, regardless of the danger of dropping it.

S Pen

The new S Pen is well thoroughly considered and keeping in mind that it appears to be like the past one, a great deal has changed inside. There is currently a super capacitor that holds charge and powers a Bluetooth LE module, which gives you a chance to utilize the S Pen as a trigger for introduction slides, as a physical screen catch while taking selfies and even as an apparatus for opening the gadget.

It works extremely well for the individuals who love to jot on a scratch pad and notwithstanding for the individuals who love to accept physical notes as the nib of the stylus gives you that opposition while composing on the glass screen. It's simply not too helpful as I trusted it would be. More points of interest in the product segment.

Display: 9.5/10

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 includes a 6.4-inch QHD+ SuperAMOLED show which beats the one on the Note 8. The Note 8 highlighted the best show we saw on a cell phone a year ago, so when I say it beats it, I imply that it's more shading exact (in the Basic Screen Mode) and is a considerable measure more splendid too. This likewise implies the substance is more intelligible in coordinate daylight.
Note fans will see that the show has developed from 6.3-creeps on a year ago's Note 8 to 6.4-crawls on the Note 9. While I'm more joyful to see that nature of the show has enhanced, I don't know why Samsung went in for a greater one as the more established one appeared to be adequate at 6.3-inches. They could be planning for the forthcoming iPhone X Plus that is required to wear an enormous 6.5-inch show.

One detail that I didn't care for are the thicker bezels. The new show on the Note 9 does not extend around the bends on the left and right sides as much as it did on the Note 8 or the Galaxy S9. To put it plainly, this isn't precisely a 'Vastness Display' as there's a lot of bezel on each of the four sides. Beside the Oppo Find X, the bezels on the Find X are as yet more slender than those on Note 9 even at its thickest point (base bezel). To put it plainly, you could consider the Find X a Ferrari and the Note 9 a Hummer (all the more so in light of the fact that it looks square shaped this time around).

Regardless of the thicker bezels, the HDR 10 consistence implies that you will have the capacity to stream and view HDR content on the show. What's more, kid, does it look great! Truth be told, viewing HDR recordings on that monstrous show will make your overlook the measure of the gadget and welcome the greater battery that Samsung has crushed in this year.

Features: 9.5/10

The Note 9 includes the most ideal equipment design on any Android cell phone accessible today. There's a 6.4-inch QHD+ AMOLED show on the front with a 8 MP camera, iris scanner, and the typical vicinity, encompassing light sensors all firmly pressed into the best bezel.

Inside, the model sold in India gets an Exynos 9810 SoC which is likewise accessible on the Galaxy S9 and the S9+. There is a 6 GB RAM + 128 GB stockpiling base model and a 8 GB RAM + 512 GB top of the line demonstrate. For sure, RAM and capacity is a territory that draws the unmistakable line between the Note arrangement and the S arrangement from Samsung.

At the back sits a double 12 MP + 12 MP camera with double OIS, one that additionally incorporates the new double opening framework from the Galaxy S9 on the essential camera.

Network alternatives incorporate everything under the sun including Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/air conditioning 2.4G+5GHz, Bluetooth v 5.0 (LE), NFC, GPS and a USB Type C port for charging and information exchanges. And after that there's that unique mark peruser at the back, that is presently put at a more sensible area.

Powering it all is a 4,000 mAh battery.

The Note 9 is never again only a greater Galaxy S9 yet the most elevated specced cell phone offering from Samsung. The gloating rights alone will influence individuals to become environmentally friendly with envy. It's without a doubt about isolating the men from the young men in the premium cell phone fragment.

OS and software: 7.5/10

Samsung completed an extraordinary activity with the Note 8 a year ago, with programming that worked easily with no slack or stammering, and things continue as before this year also.

Samsung's Experience UI currently feels liquid in everyday utilize, except despite everything it has an expectation to absorb information, particularly in the Settings application. Gratefully, there's an inquiry bar to get to where you need to go.

Another issue is that only that there's so much swell stacked on to the gadget that it feels irritating to see such huge numbers of applications that you may never wind up utilizing as long as you possess the cell phone. There are the typical arrangement of Google copies (Notes, Gallery, Galaxy Apps, My Files, Internet, Calendar and that's only the tip of the iceberg) that now and again attempt and gorilla their individual partners. Alternate applications like the Voice Recorder application are well idea of and convenient. The Game Launcher application is likewise a pleasant option which has been enhanced with included execution customisations per diversion, which bodes well for gamers since the new Note will engage them also.

Aside from the above issues, a lion's share of the product continues as before as on the more established Note 8 and the Galaxy S9+, which I audited a couple of months back. In any case, there are a couple of changes.


Dex has enhanced to a degree and is significantly more handy when contrasted with the past setup, which required a Dex Station to run the extensive screen interface. The new Dex simply needs a HDMI connector/link (USB C to HDMI link) connector and a screen to get you up and running.

On the off chance that you just need to see introductions or records on a bigger show, at that point you won't require a remote console and a mouse as a piece of the setup. This is on account of the Dex application will give you a chance to utilize the cell phone's show (which is monstrous) as a major track cushion and virtual console, taking out the prerequisite for having remote peripherals available.

Adding to this, the new Dex setup gives you a chance to utilize both the cell phone and the Dex application running on the PC autonomously of each other. This implies you can keep utilizing the cell phone as a cell phone to check your tweets, while the more genuine stuff occurs on your greater screen.

The main issue with Dex is that not all applications are upgraded to keep running on the greater interface. While the local applications bolster the Dex interface, there are other fundamental applications that still don't keep running in the coveted windowed mode. Once more, Dex isn't as a large portion of us might want it to be, so you are in an ideal situation with a PC for more genuine stuff.


Bixby has scarcely enhanced any front. Not exclusively does it speak to squandered exertion on Samsung's part, it likewise includes a befuddling catch the side that gets pushed around botch, and as often as possible at that. Bixby is superfluous swell that takes up what could have been an extremely valuable catch in favor of the Note 9. Each time I opened it, which was never by decision, I needed to persevere through a frustratingly long hold up as I endeavored to expel it as quick as humanly conceivable.

S Pen

While I value the new highlights added to the S Pen, its center programming usefulness has not enhanced by much. You can in any case do things like drift your pen on pages to get a moment interpretation (which utilizes Google Translate, not Bixby) or even utilize the S Pen to send Live messages with shining content as GIFs or recordings that will enable you to emerge in those enormous family WhatsApp gatherings.

The issue is that it's not by any stretch of the imagination valuable and I frequently needed to think of motivations to utilize it. Which implied that I once in a while wound up hauling it out of its opening in everyday utilize. I used it to take photographs where I couldn't generally take a gander at the viewfinder, (similar to when you hold it up high to catch swarms at a stone show), so it is valuable, yet only for that situation, and it sort of does not make any sense considering the exertion put in to include a super capacitor in there.

The S Pen may have been the feature of the Note arrangement since initiation, however it's extremely beginning to get exhausting and could be the motivation behind why Samsung included two speakers and an enormous water-carbon cooling framework to get the consideration of gamers. Furthermore, the dispatch of Fortnite for Android at the dispatch occasion sort of bonds the Note as a genuine gaming cell phone also.

Performance: 9/10

When you purchase a Note, there is one thing that you will never stress over and that is execution. Applications open rapidly and close rapidly, there's no slack, no stammering and every one of the movements are smooth and very liquid (however not tantamount to on iOS). Also, it won't be on future Note gadgets too, as Samsung is not any more reluctant to get serious about RAM (and capacity) on its phablets. The Galaxy S arrangement still observes some vulnerability on this front.
Aside from the S Pen, gaming is the following huge feature of the new Note 9. I played, Fortnite, Shadowgun Legends and even the as of late propelled Asphalt 9: Legends, all of which ran easily when played on the most astounding settings and goals. I even set every one of the diversions to 'Spotlight on execution' utilizing the Game Launcher application and they all played well without a trace of slack or falter.

This is amazing, for the most part since this a gadget with a QHD+ show. While not a solitary amusement kept running at the Galaxy Note 9's local goals, they ran easily at the most astounding in-diversion settings conceivable and with supported gaming execution.

Water-Carbon Cooling

Talking about gaming, that was the motivation behind the extravagant "water carbon cooling" warm administration framework. The thought here isn't simply to cut down the temperature of the SoC, yet to enable it to run longer, conveying great execution all through a gaming session.

For instance, the telephone warmed up to 42 degrees centigrade (estimated utilizing a Fluke temperature firearm) when running Shadowgun Legends at the most astounding settings conceivable in our generally warm office cooling. The temperature climbed rapidly amid gameplay, yet on account of the warmth administration framework, the warmth did not get packed in one territory, which would have made it awkward to hold. Rather, the warmth was disseminated along the whole length of the base portion of the gadget (when held on a level plane) and did not feel awkward regardless of the warmth. I could serenely diversion for 30 minutes on the most elevated settings without stressing over the warmth backing off execution, which is the thing that occurs on most other Android gadgets that, unfortunately, require a decent cooling framework and don't have one.

What I cherished about the Note is that I wouldn't have seen that the telephone was warming up while gaming on the off chance that I had a thick case on and this, as indicated by me, is what makes a difference. So, the carbon water fluid cooling framework makes a distinction with regards to maintained execution, yet does not lessen the temperature.


Sound quality was great, conveying adjusted treble and bass notes, which sounded incredible on the packaged AKG headphones. Discussing headphones, there's as yet a 3.5 mm earphone jack on the Note. The sound quality is great, yet it's not in the same class as the sound on the LG G7+ ThinQ.

The same goes for the speakers. They are extremely uproarious and clear and considerably louder than those on the iPhone 8 Plus, yet only not as noisy as those on the LG G7, which I will audit soon enough.

The double speaker set up tuned by AKG made for an immersive gaming knowledge, with the base speaker taking care of the low frequencies while the earpiece speaker was responsible for conveying the mid to higher frequencies. Call quality was awesome and the sound was noisy and clear.

Camera: 9.5/10

A year ago's Note 8 overwhelmed me with its execution in a wide range of lighting conditions and the current year's Note 9, shockingly, kept up notwithstanding my stresses over the somewhat risky double opening framework acquired from the S9+.
The Note 9 shot some fresh pictures, for the most part at its f/2.4 gap. This time around, the pictures shot at f/1.5 did not look as hazy as they did on the Galaxy S9+, even in low light. So Samsung has done some adjusting with the Note 9 with regards to camera programming. The same can be said in regards to the dynamic range and you can read about it, in detail, in my examination of the Galaxy Note 9 versus the Apple iPhone X versus the Huawei P20 Pro.

Notwithstanding the dazzling measure of detail this cell phone can catch, there were a couple of issues.

The picture mode takes clear shots visible to everyone or outside, however that is not the case inside. In dimmer light, the pictures caught need subtle elements. This could be a result of the clamor handling that would somehow or another appear to be fine in the normal Auto mode in a similar lighting conditions. The camera in Portrait mode additionally tends to over uncover awfully while clicking photographs outside in sunlight.

To put it plainly, in dimmer lighting situations, you are in an ideal situation clicking a consistent photograph and I would prescribe staying away from the Portrait mode except if there's a lot of light around. Starting at now, the main cell phone that gets the bokeh impact right is the Pixel 2 and it shockingly figures out how to do as such with only one camera.

On the off chance that you have bought a Note 9, or are hoping to buy one, make sure to switch the Screen mode under Display in Settings to Basic to get the genuine and most normal hues when seeing photographs on that enormous show.


There's no commotion in diminish lighting situations when shooting video at 4K 60 fps. The telephone won't offer adjustment in the 4K 60 fps mode (it's for the most part programming) yet it's entirely great in the event that you have consistent hands. Turn down the setting to 30 fps and you get appropriate adjustment with OIS.

Be that as it may, once there is near no light, clamor at last sneaks in. Moderate movement film is great also and now you can record it for twice the length on the Galaxy S9+. Video recording was great with a decent measure of detail in great lighting conditions and even in diminish light.

To put it plainly, the Galaxy Note 9, is the best camera cell phone with regards to photographs and recordings, it's simply that its Portrait mode needs some work.

Battery Life: 9/10

With the Note 7 disaster still crisp in everybody's psyches, Samsung made infant strides with the Note 8. With the Note 9, they've at long last made a strong stride and tossed in a 4,000 mAh battery, which is a critical knock up from the 3,300 mAh unit in its forerunner.

The greater battery unquestionably stayed aware of my day by day utilization, which included shooting a bunches of photographs while going to capacities and this was over the typical two email accounts, consistent WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack message, and a hour or two of gaming.

I ran all recreations on the most astounding execution settings utilizing the Game Launcher application, so the diversions drained the battery quick. Gratefully, Samsung had a lot of advancements set up, so setting the recreations to 'adjusted' conveyed better battery life in spite of the standard gaming sessions. Changing the Power sparing mode to mid likewise works extremely well by bringing down the goals of the show to FHD+, constraining the speed of the CPU and diminishing the brilliance by 10 percent. The outcomes were great and made them experience an entire day of photographs (going to family works) as yet abandoning me with around 26 percent charge by night.

In the standard mode, the 4,000 mAh battery performed well in our standard PC Mark Work 2.0 Battery Life test when contrasted with the past Note 8 (9 hrs 22 mins) and even the Galaxy S9+ (9 hrs 4 mins), giving a decent 10 hours and 42 minutes. This is great remembering its QHD+ goals and the way that it packs in the greatest show, when contrasted with the S9+ and the Note 8.

Verdict and price in India Verdict and price in India

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the best Note yet! It has the most number of highlights when contrasted with some other cell phone available at the present time. Furthermore, it's not only for the experts and "specialists", but rather for gamers (water cooling) and notwithstanding for somebody who is into music (awesome sound, double speakers) and adores to watch Netflix (lovely show). To put it plainly, the Note 9 is the total bundle from Samsung both Note fans and Android fans have been sitting tight for.

Try not to like the possibility of a S Pen? It truly won't make any difference. The cost distinction between the Galaxy S9+ and the Note 9 is scarcely Rs 4,000. Purchase a Note 9 and absolutely never haul it out. It won't get in your direction.

Try not to like the greater show? All things considered, all things considered you are most likely not intrigued by phablet-sized gadgets in any case and you haven't achieved this far into the survey. If you have, you could consider the Galaxy S9, Pixel 2 or even the iPhone 8.

You just can't abhor the Note 9 basically in light of the fact that it offers the most total cell phone bundle you can discover. It's great at all that it does and it even tears apart its kin the Galaxy S9+ with regards to estimating and incentive for cash.

This is the best Note yet and the first that progressions things and isolates the Note arrangement from the S arrangement. It's new wine in an old jug. Also, shockingly, it tastes great!
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